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  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer
  • Photo cred: Joe Paul
  • Photo cred: Rob Utendorfer

Interested in Team Gilboa for the 2024-25 Season?



Our Vision:

Excellence and Innovation in Youth Development.

Our Mission:

Through alpine ski racing, we develop and inspire a community of young athletes who strive for excellence, compete with integrity, and pursue a lifelong love of skiing. 

Our Core Values:

  • Passion for skiing. The love of the sport encourages our athletes to show their best qualities: determination, perseverance, and courage.
  • Constant Improvement. The drive to get better and compete harder keeps our athletes motivated - year after year.
  • Strong CommunityWe aren't just teammates – by sharing our time, effort, experiences, and joy, we become lifelong friends. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Developing youth into responsible, hard working and caring members of the community is at the heart of Team Gilboa’s mission. Through our core values of passion for skiing, strong community and constant improvement, we inspire our athletes, coaches and parents to evaluate our role in being a socially responsible organization. Just as passion for skiing requires tireless effort, self-reflection and partnership with others, we recognize the same is necessary to be an organization that prioritizes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Our emphasis on strong community acknowledges that a community thrives when its members feel included and are treated with dignity and respect. Finally, constant improvement guides our understanding that we will evolve and grow if we are always open to learning. Team Gilboa aspires to be a club that embraces and advances the importance of all these values within the sport of ski racing.


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